Von Wong Photo Shoot

At the end of 2013 Kelly Zak collaborated with acclaimed international photographer Benjamin Wong (aka Von Wong). She worked with him from conceptualization to execution of the final product in a myriad of roles, most prominently as his producer and 1st AD.


Kelly Zak and Von Wong initially decided they wanted to conceptualize a shoot around angel wings, and that sparked what would eventually turn into a full production.


While Canadian based Von Wong prepared his technical gear for a trip to Orlando, Florida where the shoot would take place, Kelly was in charge of the wing production and shoot specifics. As time grew closer the order grew to two sets of wings (one clean and one 'fallen' / broken), costumed armor, several forest creature costumes, and a mother earth character. 


It quickly became clear that it would take a team to help fulfill the vision of Von Wong, so Kelly set out to recruit a talented and well-rounded crew, among which Chelsea Sarbach and Frances Perry became valued costume leads.


This freed up time for Kelly to begin the location scout and permitting process. Upon Von Wong's arrival in Florida a location was chosen and Kelly was able to begin the scheduling all of the logistics.


In just over a week all of the custom props and costumes were finalized, talent and crew were vetted and hired, permits were processed, equipment was rented, everything was set up, and the two day shoot and took place.


Despite a low-budget, an evolving concept, and last minute additions and changes Kelly was able to keep the production moving smoothly, the crew happy, and wrapping on time.