Alice in Wonderland Tarot Card Deck Illustrations


A fun ongoing passion project/exercise of Kelly's, after expression her love of water colors she was challenged by a friend to create a tarot deck inspired by Alice in Wonderland. After having a cyst removed from her dominant hand in high school, her traditional art slowed. She saw the challenge and decided to take it as a way to start creating traditional art again. She has since been recreating John Tenniel's images* in this format, sketching the isolated image onto watercolor paper, inking them, and coloring/aging through water colors. 

* Original Reference Image Sources:

The main body of work has been recreations of John Tenniel's illustrations for both Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass books. a few cards have been recreations from other works though, when Tenniel's version either did not work or did not fit. The cards and their original sources are as follows:
Red Roses:
"Painting the Roses Red" by Masaru Nozomi
Cheshire Cat:
"Cheshire Cat" by Rihards Donskis (Apofiss)
Pool of Tears:
"Untitled" by Jonathan Day
Looking Glass:
Dune mirror
"The Touch" by Asa Holberg (