Kelly has been involved in virtually every aspect of the film industry in a multitude of roles, from pre-production through post and awards seasons. She has also worked on a myriad of content types, including but not limited to web series (e.g. Von Wong, Comic Book Girl 19, Strawburry17, HitRecord), shorts (Colin Tilley), commercials (Agent Provocateur), music videos (Patrick Fogarty), and feature films (4 Marvel films including Avengers: Infinity Wars).

When it comes to content type, Kelly has a passion for documentary material from the arts, sciences, or any topic that comes up that showcases what goes on behind the scenes or in real life. Whether it’s something like details of a makeup application, the production scale of a photo shoot, or the lifestyle of fire performance artists she loves to engage in projects that highlight something viewers would otherwise not see.

Although a lot of Kelly’s time has been devoted to coordinating projects, her roles have gone far beyond that touching on almost every department.

For a copy of her resume or for any inquires on specific qualifications or projects please feel free to send her an email on her contact section.


Kelly Zak's Filming Reel

Two Strangers Call Each Other’s Bluff

Kelly collaborated with Von Wong on a large scale photo shoot, and worked hard to produce and film (along with several other cinematographers) the production. Once the shoot was finished Kelly worked with her friend Shriyantha Wimalasekera to collect all the footage and Shriyantha edited the final piece for publication on Von Wong’s site, and currently has just over 30,000 views.

You can read in more detail about Kelly’s involvement here; as well as Benjamin Wong’s experience on his blog here.

Nebula Makeup Transformation - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Kelly was asked to document the makeup processes for behind the scenes and educational purposes for Guardians 2. She filmed the series on a DSLR camera (Canon 7D) and edited on Adobe Premiere and color corrected on DaVinci’s Resolve. After the film’s release while the campaign for awards began she edited a time lapse version of the processes for promotion, and per the request of her supervisor the piece was released with no audio so it could be presented in person with commentary. The video was then uploaded online and currently is just short of 9 million views.

Von Wong - UltraViolet Photo Shoot

On this project Kelly was the BTS cinematographer and editor. Kelly was contacted by Mr. Wong and asked to come out to his shoot and create a short behind the scenes documentary for educational purposes for other photographers. She shot the piece on a Canon 7D DSLR camera and edited in Adobe’s Premiere. She initially created a timeline and aligned audio, and spoke with Mr. Wong to adjust the piece to fit in with his documentary photo shoot series. Once the editing sequence was approved Kelly color-graded within Premiere and sent over the final piece for upload on the sponser’s YouTube channel, and currently has 16,000 views.