Editing Samples


Von Wong - UltraViolet Photo Shoot

On this project Kelly was the BTS cinematographer and editor. Kelly was contacted by Mr. Wong and asked to come out to his shoot and create a short behind the scenes documentary for educational purposes for other photographers. She shot the piece on a Canon 7D DSLR camera and edited in Adobe’s Premiere. She initially created a timeline and aligned audio, and spoke with Mr. Wong to adjust the piece to fit in with his documentary photo shoot series. Once the editing sequence was approved Kelly color-graded within Premiere and sent over the final piece for upload on the sponser’s YouTube channel.


Comic Book Girl 19 - Stanley Kubrick: The Greatest Director Promo

On this project Kelly was the initial editor, guided by the Supervising Editor Tyson Wheeler. Kelly would receive the raw footage from Mr. Wheeler (shot on Panasonic GH5 4k 10-bit) and would create proxy files and edit the initial timeline on Adobe Premiere. She would go through all the footage and create a fluid piece, cutting between two cameras and syncing audio. She would green screen in floating props as needed, as well as finding and inserting additional footage and photos. She would also even out color adjustments as needed. Once completed she would pass the edit files over to Mr. Wheeler who would put finishing touches on the piece and upload to their YouTube channel.


Nebula Makeup Transformation - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Kelly was asked to document the makeup processes for behind the scenes and educational purposes for Guardians 2. She filmed the series on a DSLR camera (Canon 7D) and edited on Adobe Premiere and color corrected on DaVinci’s Resolve. After the film’s release while the campaign for awards began she edited a time lapse version of the processes for promotion, and per the request of her supervisor the piece was released with no audio so it could be presented in person with commentary.